Top reasons to fix the color contrast of your social media content

What good is it if your social media posts are pretty but no one can read them? Read on to find out what color contrast is and why you need to learn how to apply it properly.

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You’ve seen them all over Instagram and you love them. Text on colored backgrounds. Some with a fun message, others with an insightful tip. These kinds of posts make for GREAT shareable content, so if you aren’t already designing and creating them, then you need to get started, like yesterday!

Now, before you do, I want to give you ONE major design tip to keep in your back pocket. It’s called – CONTRAST. And for this post, I’m specifically talking about how color contrast will improve the readability of all your pretty posts.


Low contrast font color = unreadable text and that is bad for business. 

What is color contrast and why does it matter?

According to the Bureau of Internet Accessibility, Color Contrast is the difference in light between font and it’s background.

Studies show that people read faster and understand better when there is high contrast between text color and its background color. This means your content will be easy to consume which leads to more engagement and potentially more sales.

Simply put, if they can’t read it, they won’t buy it.

Here are a few examples:

Color Contrast Blog Image 1
Color Contrast Blog Image 2

Here’s how to check your font color contrast

If you are using colors other than black or white when you create your next design, be sure to run your font and background colors through a color contrast checker. There are quite a few contrast checkers on the web, so a quick Google search should provide enough options.

I personally use the Coolors Contrast Checker:

Color Contrast Blog Image 3

If you use the Coolors Contrast Checker try to hit 4 or 5 stars.

Designers are guilty of making this mistake too.

Don’t worry. You aren’t the only one that makes this mistake. I’ve been guilty of this too, and as a designer I should definitely know better. We get caught up in the aesthetics of the design rather than focusing on what the user experience will be. That’s never a good thing. Remember, we are creating content for our audience. NOT for ourselves.

Don’t be that designer. Don’t be that person. Don’t be that business.

If you apply these considerations you are:

1. Designing like a professional
2. Adhering to the W3C guidelines for making content more accessible on the web.
3. Making the internet a better place for all people.


Color contrast is really just one (important) part of the equation. When designing anything for online consumption you want to also make sure that you carefully consider the font type that you choose a well as the font size. I won’t get into these two factors for this post, but if you want to dig in more on this topic, be sure to read up about how to choose the right font types and size for your next design project.

Did you enjoy this tip?

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