How to pick your Brand Colors in 3 easy steps

Choosing your brand colors can be a really fun and exciting process. In this article I’ll help you learn how to select the perfect mix of colors that will make your brand come alive!

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01 // Create a Color Mood Board

One of the easiest ways to start gathering color inspiration is to find images with colors that reflect your brand vibe. You can sample the colors directly from the image or find images on Google, Instagram, and Pinterest – where you can also create a Pinterest board for all your inspiration photos.

You’ll come across many pre-made color palettes and mood boards. Pin until your heart’s content so that you’ve got plenty to choose from. From there you’ll be able to narrow down your top choices and be well on your way to creating the color palette of your dreams!

Color Moodboard

02 // Use an online color tool

One of my favorite ways to find the right color palette for a project is by using an online color tool. Right now my favorite is Another great option is These tools make it easy to create various types of color palettes – from monochromatic to complementary and everything in between.

Typically, I start with one color in mind and use an online color picker to build a custom palette based on that specific color. You can also search for premade palettes or upload your favorite photo and generate colors directly from there.

Picking colors has never been easier or more fun! ?

online color tool

03 // Select your final 3-5 brand colors

At this point you should have gathered all the color inspiration you’ll ever need! Unless you are a professional designer it’s best to narrow down your palette to 3-5 colors max. Keep an eye on tone and contrast make sure your colors all work harmoniously with each other.

The last step is to create a color guideline by jotting down the hex code for each color and matching it to a digital swatch. You can find the hex code in a program like Photoshop or by using an online tool like Image Color Picker. To make things interesting you could give your colors fun names. I’ve named my own brand colors – for example, Tropical Cabana instead of blue, Mojito-Limon instead of lime yellow. Once you’ve selected your colors make sure to write down the name and hex codes and use this guideline to refer back to later on. This will help keep your colors cohesive and on brand at all times!

To make things easy, I’ve created a Google Doc template that you can use to create a simple brand style guide of your own where you can keep all of your brand colors and other brand assets organized and easy to access whenever you need. Get the free Google Doc style guide template here.

select final brand colors

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