8 Incredibly Easy Photo Poses For Your Brand Photoshoot [Guide]

Planning your brand photoshoot and not sure how to pose? In this post I share my favorite go-to photo poses to use as inspiration.


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As digital professionals, we must have a bank of high-quality photos ready to use for social media, our website, and other places on the Internet. In addition, having these photos will make us recognizable in the digital streets, which helps us connect with our target audience. There are a handful of photo poses I use regularly, so I decided to create a series of photo pose guides. If you’re planning your own brand photoshoot, feel free to use these as inspiration!

My top three go-to photo poses

I make sure I make these three photo poses whenever I shoot my brand photos (whether with a professional photographer or just with my iPhone!). These are very easy to capture and can add variety to your Instagram feed and your website.

Pose with your iPhone

This is one of my favorites because this is just the easiest to make!

Pose using gestures

This is a new one for me, but it has helped to give my photos a bit of variety and sprinkle in some emotions that would go well with certain captions!

Pose with your laptop

I always need a good photo of me holding my laptop, so this is one of my go-to photo poses. I’ve got 5 different photo poses to choose from.

One of the easiest laptop photos to take is holding your laptop while standing against a solid background.

Another option is to hold your laptop on one side with your hand in your pocket. Then look away while smiling.

Now, try the same pose above with your thumb in your pocket, your leg slightly bent. Smile and look slightly to the left or right of the camera.

Two photos of a woman posing with laptop against a colored wall
  • Hold your open laptop while sitting.
Photo pose sitting with open laptop
  • Execute the third post, but hover your hand over the keyboard like you are about to type.
  • Hold your laptop in front of you with both hands.

Editing tools I use for my photo poses

Even photos shot by professional photographers need to be edited, so I make sure to edit them after I take my photos. I use two tools: Canva and Adobe Photoshop.

Canva helps beginners design graphics and edit their photos like a pro. You can easily remove your photos’ backgrounds and add texts to them. If my photos need more work, I turn to Adobe Photoshop.

Don’t forget to bookmark this blog post, and feel free to reference this every time you have a brand photoshoot coming up! 

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