The Perfect MidSize Holiday Party Outfit Idea If You Got Hips and Thighs

Stop here, cause you’ve found the perfect MidSize Holiday Party Outfit. If you’ve got curves or a little more junk in the trunk this wide-leg pant suit will hug your hips and thighs in all the right ways.

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It was two weeks before my annual company Holiday Party and I had no idea what to wear. I’ve worked from home since Covid hit, so my Party Dress collection has dwindled to nonexistence. Add in all the Pandemic weight I gained and nothing in my closet fits the same. So I set out to find the perfect Holiday Party Outfit for ladies with hips and thighs (and maybe a cute little belly). 

After scouring Pinterest for Midsize Fashion ideas I decided that I wasn’t up for wearing a dress this time around. Instead, I set my sights on finding the perfect wide-leg pant outfit. Since I already had a beautiful oversized black blazer with shoulder pads from Zara, I quickly decided it would be a full-on pant-suit kinda night for me!

It was a work event, so I wanted to keep it classy and comfortable, but I knew I had to add a lil sumthin sexy to it. I decided to go with a red bustier/body suit of some sort and pair it with cute but comfy heels and top it off with new jewelry.

With my inspo in mind, I was ready to hit the innanets to do some serious online shopping! My current go-to’s right now are Amazon and Asos and they did not disappoint.

Here’s how it all turned out:

If you want more info about each item I purchased (not including the Zara blazer), read on. I’ve added all the deets below!

Comfy Wide Leg Belted Black Pants

I found this wide leg black pant that fit my size 10 frame like a glove. It’s stretchy, high waisted and belted, which works wonders for hiding a cute belly pooch (for those who have one). 

Sexy Velvet Bustier

For the top I found 2 options that I ordered to try on: this burgundy velvet bustier and this red silky bodysuit. Both were really nice, but I went with the velvet bustier because it brought just the right touch of sexiness that I wanted. 

It has a plunging deep V neckline, so I thought that it might be a tiny bit too much for a work event. Since I was wearing pants and a large blazer I figured I was covered pretty much head to toe and the outfit needed something to make it fun and not feel like boring business attire.

Cute and Comfy Knotted Mules

One reason I absolutely love Asos is that they sell the best collection of wide-foot shoes that are super stylish. I have small wide feet and can almost never find a pair of heels that fit right across the width of my feet. It’s truly a struggle y’all!

I can’t wear heels taller than 3″-4″ otherwise I will end up in agonizing pain, barely able to walk, and my husband would have to carry me out. Since I knew he wouldn’t want to do that, I needed to find a pair of heels that had height, but not too high, were wide enough to fit my feet, and still look sexy. This is a hard combo to find since all the wide-foot shoes seem to be made for 80-year-old grandmas.

But let me tell you, hunnie! Asos came through for the win. I ordered like 5 pairs of shoes to try on and found one I loved. This pair of 4″ knotted mules had me feeling sexy and comfortable the entire night. I, of course, returned all the rest cause ya girl is on a budget. 

Jewelry for the final touch

Ok, I’m gonna tell you a secret of mine. I love fake jewelry. I buy and wear them for a while and when they’ve lived their lives, I toss them and shop for new ones. This is not to say that I don’t love real jewelry, but I just don’t have the budget to buy the amount of jewelry I would want. So I’m gonna continue to fake it until I make it and I’m not mad about it. 

I love having a fresh set of inexpensive, but pretty Jewelry and needed to top off my collection for this Holiday outfit. So I bought this 14K Gold 3 layered necklace from Amazon that I absolutely love. 

I also bought this earring set and had so many options to choose from for my outfit. I ended up choosing the off-white fringe set that was included. 

The Perfect Holiday Party Outfit

This pantsuit was truly the perfect Holiday Party Outfit for me to wear to this year’s Company Holiday Event and I’m so glad I went with it. It was comfortable, stylish, appropriate, and sexy all wrapped up into one. 

If you’re a lady like me with hips and thighs, and you got that cute pandemic belly pooch, then I hope you found my post helpful. If you do, be sure to hit me on Instagram and send me a DM to let me know!

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