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How to Create a Stunning Visual Identity: Beginner’s Guide + Resources

In-depth tutorial on how to create your own visual brand identity from scratch. Includes templates and resources! Perfect for non-designers.
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What is the Gutenberg WordPress update and why should you care?

WordPress is about to change in a major way. With the coming WordPress 5.0 update, we will be formally introduced to Gutenberg. What is “Gutenberg” and why should you care? In this article I’ll give you an introduction and, if you are a WordPress user, explain why you most definitely should care. Gutenberg is a...
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Mood board Inspiration for your next design project: Blush Pink, Navy Blue, and Misty Gray

Hello again! It’s Moody Thursday and I’m sending a dose of inspiration your way. I created this beautiful mood board for an upcoming project that I’ll be working on and I’m loving its sophisticated, feminine vibes. There is just something about pairing a soft blush pink with a deep navy blue. The colors contrast and...
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Free Halloween Images for Your Instagram and iPhone/Android Wallpaper

Download this FREE Halloween inspired image bundle to share on Instagram and use as your iPhone or Android wallpaper.
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Brand Style Guide: Why your business needs one

  Branding | Business | Freebies SHARE THIS ARTICLE TO: Part of building a strong brand identity is making certain that it stays consistent in look and feel across all media – both online and offline. The best way to do that is by creating a brand style guide. Once you’ve taken the time to...
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Why you should create an Ideal Client Profile before designing your new website

September 14, 2017 / Branding, Business, Freebies SHARE THIS ARTICLE TO: Before starting any web design project, I put my clients through a discovery phase where I learn everything about their business, competition, and target market. The more I know, the more acquainted I can get with their brand and business goals. My job is...
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