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I’ve been designing and building sites for many years and get these questions a lot. This page is to here to help you quickly get answers to those common questions.

If this is your first time working with a professional designer to build a custom site there’s no need to fear. I’m here to guide you and have provided an outline of my design and development process which you can view here.

The average turnaround time for design and development depends heavily on the size of a project as well as the status of your content. It also depends on how quickly feedback, deliverables, and approvals are given. Typically a custom website takes about 6-8 weeks. Brand Identity design would add an additional 4-6 weeks to the timeline.

Starting packages are listed on my Services page. Custom design and development that falls outside of those packages are priced depending on the scope and complexity of the project. In order to craft an online presence that delivers results my process includes research, analysis, and an in-depth design and development phase. I take the time to lovingly and painstakingly craft every piece of the project so that your investment is worth it.

Yes. You will need a domain name. A domain name is like the address of your house. It is what you type into your browser to locate a site. Once your register a domain name you have sole ownership and rights to the name of your site for the length of time that you choose, which can be anywhere from 1-10 years.

In order to view your actual website on the internet it must be placed on a web server. Web hosting is like the plot of land where your house is built and a web hosting provider like your landlord. A web hosting provider “rents” out web space for you to publish your website—making it accessible to the world wide web.

Yes, you will need web hosting. However, in order to provide a streamlined development process and to ensure your site performs at the highest levels, I work with only one hosting provider. They are a top-notch WordPress hosting service that I use exclusively for all the sites that I build. I’ll handle the setup and you will have direct access and control of your hosting dashboard and future payments, if and when you need it.

Why do I only work with one hosting provider?


I've tried the cheap hosting services and have always been terribly disappointed in both the performance and security. My sites have gone down, been hacked, and had no backup protection. At some point there's always a critical failure and, when your website is your business, there is no room for anything but the highest quality hosting environment. Discount hosting will never be able to provide that kind of top-notch service. Since you will be the owner of your hosting plan, you'll always have the option of changing your hosting provider anytime post-launch.


If you have more questions about this feel free to send me a message!

WordPress is an open source software that currently powers over 25% of the internet and that number is on the rise. That means millions of sites are built on WordPress with over 500 sites being created daily. It is the leading CMS (content management system) holding almost 60% of the market share. There is a large dedicated and supportive WordPress community that regularly contribute to the core code and host meetups all around the world. What started as a simple blogging platform has grown into a highly successful and trusted web publishing platform with features that are robust and flexible enough to more than meet the needs of any business.

A content management system (CMS) is a software that allows users to fully manage their website pages and content. WordPress is the leading CMS in the market and gives users the ability to create, edit, and organize their website content without needing any technical skills.

Yes. In the U.S over 75% of users access the internet via their mobile device. These days, responsive design is a must, and every website I build includes it.

Yes. I will walk you through your site and provide basic training on how to use it.

  • You should be prepared to have all your content and images planned and even ready to go before we begin. I will do a content review once the project has started and will take a look at your existing and planned content. If you already have a well designed logo and brand assets you should provide me with a style guide and all downloadable brand assets.
  • Photography is a HUGE deal. You must have or be prepared to invest in custom photography or HIGH QUALITY stock photos. To maintain aesthetic standards I will not use poorly shot, low quality photos even if they are provided by you. I only source images from sites like Stocksy or 500px which are beautiful high quality stock photos that range from $15-$50/photo. If you are going with custom photography, it must be well lit, well shot, and attractive. I can help guide you with photo selection.

Now that your website has launched it’s important to keep it maintained. You will need to update the WordPress software and all plugins on a regular basis to ensure that it remains current, secure, and reduces the likelihood of getting hacked. It’s also crucial that you keep routine backups of your site as protection in the case that your site breaks. Unless you are equipped to restore your site if you ever encounter the “white screen of death”, i.e. if your site breaks, then I recommend reviewing the Website Care Plans that I offer.

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